[Bucardo-general] General Issues Regaring Initial Setup

Rodrigo Rodovalho rodrigo.rodovalho at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 14:09:25 UTC 2021


I'm trying to automate deployment of bucardo in a multi-master setup using

Initially I was manually creating both bucardo's database and user, prior
running "bucardo install", but after a few tries I notice that "bucardo
install" can do all that if is run with a Postgres SUPERUSER credentials,
as follows: "bucardo install -h localhost --pid-dir /var/run/bucardo
--dbuser postgres --dbname postgres".

The thing is, it keeps asking repeatedly (4 times exactly) for the password
of *postgres* user at database level, even though the linux user running
the "bucardo install" is the *postgres* user itself and the environment is
configured for a peer authentication method from localhost. It should be
able to connect to the database with no issues...

Just to further clarify, let me list here the installation steps in my
Ansible Playbook:

1) Install Bucardo dependencies (For current Debian Stable)
2) Download Bucardo from git
3) Build Bucardo Makefile
4) Make Bucardo
5) Make Install Bucardo
6) Creates local linux bucardo user (not required, no?)
7) Copy *Install Script* (My wrapper script around "bucardo install"). This
is the script that currently has to feed *postgres* database user's
password 4 times to "bucardo install".
8) Create bucardo log and run directories
9) Run *Install Script *as local *postgres* linux user.

I've tried, for several days now, run the "bucardo install" with a database
bucardo user with SUPERUSER privileges but was unable for several
connection issues.

I'm at that point that I want first a minimal working setup using Ansible.

Postgres 11 and bucardo 5.6.0, btw.

Many thanks for the help.
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