[Bucardo-general] General Issues Regaring Initial Setup

Rodrigo Rodovalho rodrigo.rodovalho at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 16:27:08 UTC 2021

Just for completeness, here is the output from "*bucardo at localhost$ bucardo
install -h localhost --pid-dir /var/run/bucardo --dbuser bucardo --dbname
bucardo*", run after the creation of a local linux *bucardo* user, a
database called *bucardo* and a postgres user also called *bucardo* with
SUPERUSER privileges.


*This will install the bucardo database into an existing Postgres
cluster.Postgres must have been compiled with Perl support,and you must
connect as a superuserCurrent connection settings:1. Host:
localhost2. Port:           54323. User:           bucardo4. Database:
  bucardo5. PID directory:  /var/run/bucardoEnter a number to change it, P
to proceed, or Q to quit: PPassword for user bucardo: Password for user
bucardo: Attempting to create and populate the bucardo database and
schemaPassword for user bucardo: Database creation is completeDBI
connect('dbname=bucardo;host=localhost;port=5432','bucardo',...) failed:
fe_sendauth: no password supplied at /usr/local/bin/bucardo line 9167.*

In my pg_hba.conf:

*local     all     bucardo     peer*

Again, thanks

Em qui., 18 de fev. de 2021 às 12:09, Rodrigo Rodovalho <
rodrigo.rodovalho at gmail.com> escreveu:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to automate deployment of bucardo in a multi-master setup using
> Ansible.
> Initially I was manually creating both bucardo's database and user, prior
> running "bucardo install", but after a few tries I notice that "bucardo
> install" can do all that if is run with a Postgres SUPERUSER credentials,
> as follows: "bucardo install -h localhost --pid-dir /var/run/bucardo
> --dbuser postgres --dbname postgres".
> The thing is, it keeps asking repeatedly (4 times exactly) for the
> password of *postgres* user at database level, even though the linux user
> running the "bucardo install" is the *postgres* user itself and the
> environment is configured for a peer authentication method from localhost.
> It should be able to connect to the database with no issues...
> Just to further clarify, let me list here the installation steps in my
> Ansible Playbook:
> 1) Install Bucardo dependencies (For current Debian Stable)
> 2) Download Bucardo from git
> 3) Build Bucardo Makefile
> 4) Make Bucardo
> 5) Make Install Bucardo
> 6) Creates local linux bucardo user (not required, no?)
> 7) Copy *Install Script* (My wrapper script around "bucardo install").
> This is the script that currently has to feed *postgres* database user's
> password 4 times to "bucardo install".
> 8) Create bucardo log and run directories
> 9) Run *Install Script *as local *postgres* linux user.
> I've tried, for several days now, run the "bucardo install" with a
> database bucardo user with SUPERUSER privileges but was unable for several
> connection issues.
> I'm at that point that I want first a minimal working setup using Ansible.
> Postgres 11 and bucardo 5.6.0, btw.
> Many thanks for the help.
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