[Bucardo-general] From PG 9.2 to 12.4 - Bucardo questions

Lucas Possamai drum.lucas at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 06:42:32 UTC 2021

Hi all.

I am migrating a live PostgreSQL 9.2 database to RDS PostgreSQL 12.4, using

I remember reading somewhere months ago that I should disable the triggers
of the target database, but unfortunately, I cannot find that information

The business wants to slowly move customers to the PG 12.4 RDS database.
The idea was to modify the application and check if it's *customer_id X, Y
and Z*, write data to RDS and not current PG 9.2.

My question is:
Can I have bucardo replicating data from PG 9.2 to RDS 12.4 and at the same
time, have customers writing data to RDS? Of course that means I'd have to
re-enable triggers on my target DB?

Thanks in advance!
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