[Bucardo-general] make test timed out

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Thu Oct 25 19:36:57 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 16:30 -0300, Danilo Horta wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm getting the following output from 'make test TEST_VERBOSE=1' and
> I don't know why. There isn't even a table named bucard_test1 in
> bucardo_test2 db and public schema... Any suggestions? I completely
> reinstalled postgresql and nothing happens. Its strange because it was
> working before, but I did some installations of perl modules and now
> it doesn't work anymore...

Hard to say what the problem is, but make sure you are looking in the
bucardo_schema schema for the bucardo_test1 table. Nothing is created by
the tests inside of the public schema, so if you don't log in as the
bucardo_test2 user, the tables will not be in your search path.

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
End Point Corporation 610-983-9073

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