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Vitaly Burshteyn vburshteyn at broadway.com
Fri Feb 26 16:31:21 UTC 2010


Thanks for the bellow solutions,

Both of these solutions worked.  With 100+ tables the direct approach was preffered :)
bucardo_ctl update table affiliates_affiliate standard_conflict=latest
If there are many tables, you may want to use direct SQL on it:
UPDATE goat SET standard_conflict = latest;

Just curious, in swap mode, is the update instant on the "target" as it was in the other mode?

I made few changes to one of the DB and no changes are being propagated.  The logs look clean so there are no errors.

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>    If I need to create master – master config
>    Do I create say:
>    bucardo_ctl add all tables --herd=m1 db=master1
>    bucardo_ctl add all tables --herd=m2 db=master2
>    bucardo_ctl add sync s1 source=m1  targetdb=master2 type=swap
>    bucardo_ctl add sync s2 source=m2  targetdb=master1 type=swap

You don't need to add things twice, just do this:

bucardo_ctl add all tables herd=m1 db=master1 standard_conflict=source bucardo_ctl add sync s1 source=m1 targetdb=master2 type=swap

Note that tables in a swap sync need to know how to resolve conflicts, so in the example above I set all tables to use a resolution of source, which means that the source database (master1) always wins in case of a conflict.

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