[Bucardo-general] Waiting for KIDs

Błażej Cegiełka blazej.cegielka at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 15:52:35 UTC 2013

Hi all

I was testing scenario in which to already existed sync&relgroup i want 
to add another table - empty one,
and then insert data.

commands looks like:
# add new table to relgroup which is used by sync
bucardo add table new_table relgroup=tables_group

# bounce of bucardo required to reload config
bucardo stop
bucardo start

# insert data

And as stop/start are not waiting for kids, immediate start after stop, 
can results with failure and daemon will not start.
Also immediate data insertions when KID (for the sync) is not yet 
prepared, can results with no data population (no entries in 
bucardo.track_* tables)

Q1: What do you think if start/stop will wait for subprocesses?

Q2: In current solution i need to wait for sync end to do some next 
inserts on other servers.
How i can be sure about that? (other way than checking delta&track tables)
So far i know that stopping daemon will not guarantee that all deltas 
will be populated.
But it looks that
bucardo status all

gives that information in 'Current state fields', is that correct?



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